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KFHI History

2011 ~ Present
  • 2011. Jan

    Hantol Sharing Festival and Branding of Food Aid Campaign

  • 2011. Mar

    Emergency relief in earthquake damaged area in Japan

  • 2011. Apr

    Medical Service Support Campaign for a Haiti boy, 디마’s medical treatment visit to South Korea

  • 2011. May

    Si-Yoon Yoon and Shin-Hye Park appointed as goodwill ambassadors / Happy Banquet album production

  • 2011. Jun

    Resume North Korean Infant Support Program

  • 2011. Jul

    Happy Banquet Album Concert / Host 1st Shooting for Africa / Fair Trade Café, “Be My Friend,” 1st Store opened

  • 2011. Oct

    Office moved / Emergency relief in heavily flooded area in Thailand / Host “STOP HUNGER” campaign, going together with beneficiary countries

  • 2011. Dec

    Won Web Award Korea’s Social Responsibility Area - Grand Prize

  • 2012. Jan

    Dong-a Ilbo, Special Edition on another ‘Do not Cry Tonj,’ Koreans in a poor village

  • 2012. Feb

    Rainbow-box orchestra’s 1st regular concert

  • 2012. May

    Taiwan Food for the Hungry established

  • 2012. Jun

    1st Hunger Corps conference of 8 countries in Africa

  • 2012. Jul

    Emergency relief in Philippines Signed ‘Agreement on coordination of business between private and government sector’s humanitarian assistance work’ with Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1st online Hunger Supporters selected Hwang-Sik Kim Prime Minister visited KFHI’s Mozambique field

  • 2012. Aug

    Emergency relief in heavy water damaged area in North Korea Emergency relief in flooded area of Philippines

  • 2012. Sep

    Published children’s book, ‘Namaste Ari,’ books for Nepal

  • 2012. Nov

    Launched KFHI’s ‘People go, hope comes’ broadcasting advertisement Eun-Hye Yoon’s Madagascar ‘KBS Road for Hope’

  • 2013. Jan

    Syria’s civil war emergency relief

  • 2013. May

    Water resource campaign ‘Life of 1 Liter’ on YouTube, more than 1 million views

  • 2013. May

    CN Blue appointed as a goodwill ambassador Aired KFHI’s mobile broadcast ‘VOCtv’ Children’s sharing exhibition, STOP HUNGER for KIDs Mozambique’s Agriculture trainee visits Blue House, invited by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • 2013. Aug

    1st Hantol Youth Volunteer Coprs began Popular animation ‘Udangtangtang Aikoo’ signed children disaster safety education collaboration MOU and appointed as goodwill ambassador Humanitarian North Korean Assistance 600 mission won commodity sent

  • 2013. Oct

    GH SHOP rainbow-box orchestra performance book publication celebration concert Premature baby support business, Bring Up center opened at Ewha Mokdong Hospital

  • 2013. Nov

    1st Health Sharing Photo Journal Contest Philippines Tacloban Typhoon emergency relief

  • 2013. Dec

    Kyung-gi Province Education Office MOU agreement ceremony Yoon-Ho Jeong, West Africa Ghana, ‘KBS Road for Hope’

  • 2014. Jan

    5th KFHI President Sung-Min Lee inaugurated

  • 2014. Feb

    Ji-Hyung Park, Hyung-Kyu Kang appointed as goodwill ambassadors

  • 2014. Mar

    Yoon-Ho Jeong appointed as a goodwill ambassador

  • 2014. Apr

    Kang-won Province Education office education donation agreement ceremony

  • 2014. May

    Hosted football tournament at Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp with Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Jordan

  • 2014. Jun

    Foreign Organizational Structure revised

  • 2014. Sep

    Revised KFHI’s periodical magazine

  • 2014. Oct

    KFHI’s 25th Year Anniversary Event ‘Film Night for Sharing’

  • 2014. Nov

    Sang-Yoon Lee Indonesia ‘KBS Hope for Road’

  • 2014. Dec

    Won Education Donation in South Korea - Grand Prize POSCO’s asbestos demolition business, harmful to human body, received Minister of Environment Award

  • 2015. Feb

    Establishment of Ghana Education Center by Goodwill ambassador U-Know Yunho

  • 2015. Mar

    Won Sik Yoo inaugurated as a President

  • 2015. Apr

    Nepal earthquake emergency relief

  • 2015. Jul

    Dr. Bongho Son inaugurated as a Chairperson 1st Member to sign for Heritage Bequest Donation Club

  • 2015. Oct

    11th Nationwide Regional Sponsor Seminar

2006 ~ 2010
  • 2006. Feb

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the landslide-hit areas in Philippines

  • 2006. May

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the earthquake-hit areas of Jokjakarta in Indonesia

  • 2006. Jul

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the flood-affected areas of Gangwon Province and South Pyeongan Province in North Korea

  • 2006. Aug

    Kick-off meeting of FHI Federation

  • 2006. Oct

    KFHI received Asan Foundation award

  • 2006. Dec

    Water development project completion ceremony in Boma, Sudan

  • 2007. Jan

    Declaration ceremony of Vision 2030

  • 2007. Apr

    Paraguay’s first lady visited KFHI

  • 2007. Aug

    Relief efforts for the flood-stricken areas in North Korea

  • 2007. Sep

    Relief efforts for the typhoon-hit areas in Jeju Island.

  • 2007. Dec

    Relief effort for the Taean oil spill in Korea Entrusted with operating rehabilitation center (Incheon Community Rehabilitation Center) The number of sponsorships exceeded 150,000

  • 2008. Feb

    Serving International for North Korea founded Sharing Happiness Foundation established (Chairman Eunah Koh, President Misun Park).

  • 2008. Apr

    KFHI federation meeting and general meeting held.

  • 2008. May

    Relief efforts for the cyclone-affected areas in Myanmar Relief efforts for Sichuan earthquake

  • 2008. Jun

    Agreement with Ilsin Christian Hospital The 1st Hantol Nanum Festival held The 1st abroad Hunger Corp Training began in Thailand

  • 2008. Dec

    CIFHI(Cote DIvoire), Givers Fund Inc., and iHELP established as national partners

  • 2009. Feb

    Chairmen of each six legal entities inaugurated

  • 2009. May

    Memoirs of the 20th anniversary of the KFHI, “Bok-ddeok-bang Story”, published

  • 2009. Jun

    The number of sponsorships exceeded 200,000 Relief efforts for Gaza city in Israel

  • 2009. Jul

    Relief efforts for the flood-hit areas of Pusan and Jeonnam Province in Korea

  • 2009. Sep

    Received ILGA Award for Public Benefit and President’s Award on the Social Welfare Day Sharing Happiness Foundation 10th anniversary celebration concert held

  • 2009. Oct

    The 20th anniversary Fundraising dinner held

  • 2010. Jan

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to Haiti

  • 2010. Mar

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to Chile

  • 2010. Apr

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the earthquake-hit areas in China

  • 2010. Jul

    Atlanta Food for the Hungry International established

  • 2010. Aug

    Emergency relief in Indonesia opened Dispatch of emergency relief team to the flood-hit areas of China, Pakistan, Dispatch of emergency relief team to the flood-stricken areas of Southern Province of Korea The Amazing Story of Bread and Gospel (Eng. Version of “Bok-ddeok-bang Story”) published

  • 2010. Oct

    World Food Day Volunteer Festival held, cosponsored with Cho-sun Il-bo and MBC Plus Media The number of Hunger Corps exceeded 1,000 Guatemala Food for the Hungry International established

  • 2010. Dec

    Exceeded 30 Regional Offices, 3,000 Boards of Directors and 300,000 sponsors

2001 ~ 2005
  • 2001. Fec

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the earthquake-hit areas in India Entrusted with operating daycare center (Serving Daycare)

  • 2001. Mar

    The Milk Power campaign for North Korea

  • 2001. Sep

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to Afghanistan

  • 2002. Apr

    Agreements with universities, organizations, and denominations(The first, GMS)

  • 2002. Sep

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the flood-stricken areas in Korea (Hwanggan, Gangreung Province)

  • 2003. Mar

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to Iraq

  • 2003. Aug

    KFHI Corporate Identity (CI) changed

  • 2003. Sep

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the typhoon-hit areas in Korea (Masan, Samcheok, Kyungnam Province,)

  • 2003. Dec

    Relief efforts for the earthquake-hit areas in Iran

  • 2004. Apr

    MBC fundraising broadcast for the train explosion-hit Yongcheon area, in North Korea

  • 2004. May

    The first Happy Home Schooling Institute established.

  • 2004. Jun

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to Yongcheon area in North Korea

  • 2004. Nov

    The first nationwide seminar event of KFHI directors held in Suanbo

  • 2004. Dec

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the tsunami-hit areas in Indonesia

  • 2005. Mar

    JungSup Chung inaugurated as the fourth-term president

  • 2005. Sep

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the Hurricane Katrina-hit areas of US

  • 2005. Oct

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the earthquake-hit areas in Pakistan

  • 2005. Dec

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the heavy snow hit Honam Province in Korea

1996 ~ 2000
  • 1996. Mar

    The second welfare center in Jung-Dong, Songnam established Entrusted with operating community welfare center

  • 1997. Feb

    Relief efforts for the earthquake-hit areas in India

  • 1997. Mar

    The Milk Powder Campaign for North Korea

  • 1997. Oct

    Nam-Jung Yun was inaugurated as the third-term president  

  • 1998. Mar

    The Internet Homepage,, set up

  • 1998. Aug

    A corporation of Social Welfare established(the 822nd issue of Ministry of Health and Welfare Sep.)

  • 1998. Sep

    Domestic children sponsorships began

  • 1999. May

    Moving into the KFHI center in ChunngDam-dong,KangNam-Gu Dispatch of medical relief team to Kosovo

  • 1999. Sep

    The first Sharing Happiness store opened

  • 1999. Oct

    The 10th anniversary fundraising dinner held

  • 2000. Feb

    The second phase of Hunger Corps Training began

  • 2000. May

    A juridical foundation, the International Development Institute, founded(no. 370 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

  • 2000. Aug

    Sponsor field trip to Philippines

  • 2000. Dec

    Entrusted with operating Seocho Senior Welfare Center

1989 ~ 1995
  • 1989. Oct

    24 The NGO founding council of oversea aid held for the first time in Korea (The late Tae-sup Choi inaugurated as the first president)

  • 1990. Jan

    The first fundraising through the church’s network began

  • 1990. Jul

    Foundation of a nonprofit corporation aggregate permitted(the 142nd issue of Ministry of Health and Welfare)

  • 1990. Dec

    Oversea relief efforts began (Bangladesh, Kenya, Peru etc. 7 countries)

  • 1991. May

    The first charity race held in Seoul

  • 1991. Oct

    FEBC Fundraising broadcast

  • 1992. Feb

    “Love Bowl” campaign, a savings box, began

  • 1992. Oct

    The first Hunger Corps, Hyeong-Ryeoul Rhu and Min-Ja Lee, dispatched to Uganda

  • 1993. Feb

    The first phase of Hunger Corps Training began

  • 1993. Jul

    Domestic relief efforts began (free meal services for the homeless and undernourished children)

  • 1994. Jan

    Seong-Mo Kang inaugurated as the second-term president

  • 1994. Sep

    SDispatch of medical assistance team to Rwanda

  • 1995. Jan

    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the earthquake-hit areas of Kobe in Japan

  • 1995. Mar

    Overseas children sponsorships began (Philippines, Mongolia, etc. 5 countries)

  • 1995. Jul

    1Visit of the first short-term missionary team began

  • 1995. Dec

    Domestic Committees established in Taegu, Deajeon, Songnam