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God called and we responded
until spiritual and physical hunger
ended worldwide


"They die one at a time,
and so we can help them one at a time."

KFHI envisions the future in which all the children, family, and community in hunger restore to their fullest potentials, and further extend to help other community

Core Values
  • Lordship of Jesus Christ
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Creation and Innovation
  • Satisfaction
Organizational Principle
  • Autonomous

    “Self-Leadership” KFHI runs by decisions made with responsibility in autonomous, creative and horizontal organization culture, not by hierarchical decision. All the leaders must act by making quick and accurate decision as the best field specialists.

  • Field-Focused"

    “All the Answers are at the Field” The utmost value for KFHI is the “field” where we are in direct contact with beneficiaries and donors. KFHI’s decision must always be for the field, And all the staff at KFHI try to understand the field.

  • Satisfactory

    "Satisfactory"Impression that KFHI must have is “Satisfaction.” Satisfy the donors with the quickest feedback, Satisfy the beneficiaries with improved services, Satisfy each other by serving each other.